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ZTR releases Optimum Package for remote equipment monitoring

ZTR releases Optimum Package for remote equipment monitoring 

The Minneapolis, Minn.-based company’s latest offering features a fully-configurable unit with a dual-mode setting designed for OEM or retrofits. Additionally, the package is compatible with J1939 protocol equipment, which provides users with up-to-date engine and machine controller data for easier troubleshooting.

“ZTR developed the Optimum Package in response to customers with very remote sites wanting to take better advantage of J1939 protocol data,” said Michael Tidy, GM of ZTR’s connected asset division. “The Optimum Package with dual-mode communications delivers alerts and reports that enable fast responses.”

The company hopes that having the Optimum Package in place can be beneficial for IT managers looking to cut operational costs. It provides downtime prevention, proactive maintenance, location intelligence, remote diagnostics and real-time communication.

Powered by the ZTR inReach i3 platform, the package also allows for remote monitoring and the ability to control remote assets using precision-built ruggedized telematics devices.

The goal of the Optimum Package is to supply managers with a singular source for all telematics requirements, which can be carried out through cloud-based web access, smartphones or tablets.

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