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ZTE introduces its third-generation 5G Indoor CPE

ZTE introduces its third-generation 5G Indoor CPE 

ZTE Corporation, one of the largest international providers of telecommunications, enterprise and consumer technology solutions for mobile internet, has recently launched its third-generation 5G Indoor CPE MC8020 at Mobile World Congress 2021.

The company has long launched one of the world’s very first 5G routers ZTE 5G Indoor CPE MC801 in 2018. In 2019, it also spearheaded the second-generation 5G Indoor CPE MC801A which led them to winning the prestigious iF Design Award. Right now, the 5G Indoor CPE MC801A has been used in more than 30 countries across Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Middle East.

Product Highlights:

  • Supports both 5G SA and NSA modes, and Sub-6GHz and mmWave spectrum bands.
  • Allows dual-path convergence of 5G and wired broadband with the exclusive zlink Boost technology, enabling dual gigabit access.
  • Uses the latest Wi-Fi 6 AX5400 access technology, delivering 200 percent faster access speed than the previous generation.
  • Employs a four-way omnidirectional high-gain antenna to give a high-speed 5G network for up to 128 Wi-Fi users simultaneously.

To enable the fast-growing need for live broadcasting, the third-generation ZTE 5G Indoor CPE MC8020 delivers high-quality 5G connectivity, tackles network congestion in complex scenarios, meets enterprise-level configuration requirements, and has user-friendly settings for easier smart home connectivity. 

3.0 Super Antenna Technology

Its latest antenna technology allows for a true omnidirectional height for improved 5G signal. This technology delivers 15 per cent more coverage and 20 per cent quicker access speed than that of the ZTE 5G Indoor CPE MC801A.

zLink Boost

This technology automatically converges wireless and wired broadband networks, doubling the upstream and downstream speeds of ZTE 5G Indoor CPE MC8020 to allow for a constant high-speed internet connection.

NFC One-Touch Connection

The ZTE 5G Indoor CPE MC8020 can easily be connected to NFC-enabled smartphones with a single touch. Connecting various devices to the ZTE Indoor 5G CPE MC8020 can be automated without altering the Wi-Fi network settings.

Leading 5G Innovations

The company has provided more than 200 million mobile internet devices globally, including 30 million of its chipsets. Currently, ZTE’s 5G products are being commercially distributed in more than 30 countries and regions.

Fast Connectivity for Complex Scenarios

The ZTE 5G Indoor CPE MC8020 is able to deliver Wi-Fi 6, 4×4 MIMO, and 4KQAM at a peak speed rate of up to 5.4Gbps for up to 128 users simultaneously, all thanks to Qualcomm’s latest enterprise-level NPU. This allows the support of key Wi-Fi 6 technologies like OFDMA, TWT, and BSS coloring. Lastly, it also enables chip-level AI computing power which effectively reduces interference and power consumption while meeting higher service-level agreements (SLAs) for concurrently connected diverse usage profiles.

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