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zLense introduces 3D depth mapping technology

zLense introduces 3D depth mapping technology 

The solution installation requires a single operator, and is operable in almost any studio lighting.

This new technology captures real-time 3D data and adds a 3D layer, which is optimized for broadcasters. This “industry-first technology” enables production teams to create 3D effects for live TV, without the need for a special studio setup.

“We’re poised to shake up the Virtual Studio world by putting affordable high-quality real-time CGI into the hands of broadcasters,” said Bruno Gyorgy, President of zLense in a press release. “This unique world-leading technology changes the face of TV broadcasting as we know it, giving producers and program directors access to CGI tools and techniques that transform the the audience viewing experience.”

zLense VPP speeds up the 3D process so that directors can mix CGI and live shots in real-time, eliminating the expensive match-moving process. The matte box sensor unit can be mounted on almost any camera rig eliminates the need for external tracking devices. VPP can also be used alongside other VR systems and tracking technologies.

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