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Zayo introduces Tranzact platform

Zayo introduces Tranzact platform 

The company’s Tranzact platform provides customers, agents, partners and resellers with price and order management designed exclusively for bandwidth shopping. Tranzact is also equipped with a simplified user interface that allows for easier manipulation and implementation.

“Tranzact engages our customers with a simple, intuitive platform,” Hannah Wanderer, director of Tranzact, said in a press release. “Our platform development is driven by User Experience Design (UXD) allowing us to quickly release the features and functionality that our customers want most. We will continue delivering enhancements that drive customer satisfaction and loyalty.”

Using Tranzact, Zayo customers can view price information, place orders, and view current and future products and services. Other functions of the platform include the ability to shop for bandwidth services in less than two minutes, search by building, location, data centre or cloud type, and direct access to Tranzact specialists via live chat.

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