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Zadara welcomes two additions to partner program

Zadara welcomes two additions to partner program 

The additions signify Zadara’s further expansion of its Virtual Private Storage Array, a Software-as-a-Service offering, into the North American channel.

Capella Telecommunications, a Peterborough-based value-added reseller, and SoftNet Solutions, a California-based provider of high-performance enterprise computing applications, will now be able to provide their customers access to data centre-grade SAN and NAS features to support Tier 1 primary storage for low-latency, high IOPS applications.

“Capella has a history of introducing leading edge solutions to the Canadian marketplace, and so we are pleased to continue that tradition by becoming a partner to Zadara,” said Norm Slater, President, Capella Telecommunications “Having Zadara’s VPSA solution as part of our arsenal of offerings now allows us to meet even massive, complex enterprise applications with cloud scale and cloud economics.”

Both companies will be able to offer the service at a monthly cost while providing their clients with a speedy cloud computing solution for their critical file and block storage needs.

“Resellers can rapidly grow margins, recurring revenue and business opportunities with the right complement of cloud-enabled enterprise solutions in their portfolio,” said Noam Shendar, VP, Business Development, Zadara. “We’re delighted that our ZIPP program can help Capella and SoftNet Solutions to meet the seemingly insatiable demand for cloud deployments with our proven VPSA solutions.”

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