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Younger Generation Using Smartphones To Boost e-Commerce Sales in Canada

Younger Generation Using Smartphones To Boost e-Commerce Sales in Canada 

Canada has witnessed a rise in mobile shopping especially amongst the younger generation who have shown a trend of being very comfortable in using mobile apps to browse and purchase their product of choice. The growth in Canada’s e-commerce industry can be attributed in part to the increase in the number of mobile users in the age group of 18-35 who have been responsible for generating more than 20% of all e-commerce sales in Canada according to stats revealed by .CA’s research. The data reveals that 57 percent of individuals between 18-35 who use mobile devices to access the internet; while only 11 percent of individuals over the age of 55 access the internet via mobile devices.

In a statement, David Fowler, director of marketing and communications for .CA said “E-commerce represents an important avenue of growth for Canadian companies. Our research found more than 40 per cent of small businesses do not have websites, yet all Canadians, particularly younger adults, are increasingly making purchases from mobile devices. Canadian small businesses need to get online, and they need to be ready to sell on mobile.”

Statistics Canada stated that the e-commerce industry in Canada generated $122 billion in 2012, $136 billion in 2013 and is expected to exceed those numbers in 2015. E-Commerce retailers are gearing up as the holiday season approaches to ensure that their servers and online payment processing systems are able to keep up with the growing demand of online shoppers. E-Commerce companies are creating mobile friendly apps that allow users to browse catalogues at their fingertips and have strong infrastructure in place to ensure that there are no glitches with online transactions and this strategy appears to have struck the right note with the younger generation in Canada.

The online gambling industry in Canada has also experienced a spike in growth as a number of online gamblers from the United States have decided to move to Canada and play at online casinos as online gambling in the United States is illegal and only three states have made an exception to this rule. Canadian based Amaya Inc, the parent company for the PokerStars and Full Tilt Poker brands is the biggest online gambling firm in the world and is estimated to be around $4.5 billion in value. There are a number of Canadians from all age groups who have shown an interest to use their smartphones and play both free and live cash online games.  

The rise in online shopping, online gaming and online financial transactions in the Canadian market has also created a nice market for online security providers because hackers are always looking to make a name for themselves by targeting online websites and hacking into both personal and confidential information as was the case with the Canadian based Ashley Madison website and controversy.

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