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Xyratex introduces 12 Gb/s storage system

Xyratex introduces 12 Gb/s storage system 

The addition will double the current speed of data transfer between host servers and storage enclosures. The OneStor line can now support 12 Gb/s SAS EBODs and 12 Gb/s host connectivity, which allows a maximum input/output bandwidth of 28.8 Gb.s from SAS hosts to disk drives installed in 2U12, 2U24, 4U24 and 5U84 storage enclosures.

“Our 12Gb/s support extends these benefits through the ability to integrate high-performance flash storage in a seamless manner over the fastest interconnects and accelerate existing 6Gb/s rotational devices, all within our standard density and unique high-density enclosures,” said Ed Prager, SVP and GM of OEM storage solutions, Xyratex. “As technology and the storage industry both continue to evolve, we’ll stay aggressive about integrating the best in storage value so that our customers are able to satisfy their most pressing and challenging data center demands.”

Xyratex will demonstrate the capabilities of their new technology at the Intel Developer Forum in San Francisco this month. The company will utilize technology supplied by PMC, HGST and Seagate during the demonstrations.

Representatives from the company will exhibit their 2U24 12Gb/s SAS enclosure with 12Gb/s SAS input/output modules, using PMC’s 12Gb/s SAS expanders connected to multiple Intel PCI Express 3.0-based servers installed with large-scale integration 12Gb/s SAS host bus adapters. The 12Gb/s SAS enclosure houses 24 12Gb/s SAS solid state disks.

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