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Xora updates StreetSmart

Xora updates StreetSmart 

The company’s mobility management solution is a suite of configurable mobile apps, plus a web-based management application. The mobile apps turn any mobile phone or tablet into a powerful productivity tool. The management application lets managers and office personnel analyze performance for better decision-making. Mobile timesheets save time and reduce errors. Mobile forms and mobile jobs reduce phone tag and manual paperwork. Photo and electronic signature capture provide proof of service.

StreetSmart’s new capabilities are delivered through the redesigned Workers List, which provides information about the locations and status of mobile workers. The redesigned Workers List makes it easier for managers to determine if the mobile phones and tablets used by workers in the field are properly transmitting data to the Xora Web Management Application. Managers can feel more confident and gain greater visibility into their field operations because the Workers List provides immediate feedback on the reliability and frequency of information sent from mobile app.

Xora also added powerful new reports on worker activities and locations to complement the new monitoring capabilities. In addition, Xora StreetSmart now supports 180+ mobile devices – more than any other mobile workforce management solution.

“Xora is continually improving the product features and functionality on which our customers rely the most. The new Workers List adds a new dimension to understanding the status and activity of a mobile workforce,” said Tom Miltonberger, VP, products and engineering, Xora.

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