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Workplace and AI

Workplace and AI 

In this issue of IT in Canada, we have dedicated a sizable portion to the workplace and AI. But before I tell you more about this upcoming issue, I would like to convey some news about what to expect for IT in Canada Online in the next few months. We are planning a fresh new design of our website with a focus on bringing more relevant content for C-level executives, IT professionals, security experts and consumers. In the past, we haven’t put much emphasis on end users, but with the growth in mobile, we can see a blend of what we do in the corporate world and at home. This new makeover will include more videos, podcasts and reporting from the tech world. So, stay tuned. 

Now back to this issue, in the leading article on dynamic workplaces, Ching Mac, Director, Citrix Canada talks about how despite the growth in digital, technology adoption remains low among small businesses. To grow, companies today have the opportunity to join the digital movement to build more mobile, flexible and secure workplaces. 

Paul Chapman, Chief Information Officer, Box Inc. shares some tools to consider in building a smart risk management strategy in today’s digitized workforce. He points out that cloud services can lead to more opportunities for control and visibility for businesses. 

With AI being talked about in every industry, Brian Veloso, Senior Director, SAP Concur Canada writes about three ways AI can improve small business finances. The rise of chatbots is also taking businesses by storm. Marc LeCuyer, Canada Country Manager, ServiceNow discusses how chatbots are improving the employee experience and the power it brings to a business is undeniable.

Other articles on mistakes that can sink your IT projects, your business is not too small to experience cyber fraud, and a workspace app to manage all your apps in one place are in this issue. 

Thanks for taking the time to view this issue, we hope that you find it informative and insightful. 


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