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Working girls

Working girls 

Announced at the sixth-annual Dell Women’s Entrepreneur Network, the scoreboard measured gender-based differences across 31 countries. The data-driven scorecard studied and ranked the countries based on the challenges and opportunities women face when launching businesses and creating jobs in their respective countries.

While Canada ranked alongside the United States and Australia in the top three, project director Dr. Ruta Aidis notes that no country is truly exempt from sexism in the workforce. Even the top countries scored no more than 71 per cent, with a staggering 70 per cent of the 31 countries scoring below 50 percent altogether. 

“Women still have challenges accessing capital and there remains a skills confidence gap for women contemplating business startups,” Dr. Aidis said.

These boundaries are detrimental not only to women, but to the global economy as a whole.  If American women experienced business growth at the same rate as American men, their businesses could provide an additional 15 million jobs in two years.

The goal of the scoreboard is not meant to be merely informative, but to instigate change within international governments.

“The success of entrepreneurs and small businesses is critical for a thriving global economy,” said Karen Quintos, senior vice president and chief marketing officer for Dell. “The Scorecard provides the data-driven insights we need to move the broader conversation from awareness to action and allow female entrepreneurs around the world to reach their full potential.” 

To view a full list of country rankings, click here

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