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Workforce management software smooths out scheduling issues and more for busy healthcare centre

Workforce management software smooths out scheduling issues and more for busy healthcare centre 

In 2012, the centre experienced a huge spike in employment. Up until a few years ago, the centre which has a staff of 200 physicians, 1,800 employees, and some 1,100 volunteers relied heavily on a paper-based system to keep track of which professionals and employees are available on any given day.

Officials of the 297-bed facility, which sees more than 83,000 visits each and more than 2,400 births each year, realized they needed a more efficient solution to manage the complex scheduling and payroll needs of RVH. Recently, the centre switched to a suite of workforce management software from Canadian software company Kronos Inc., which automated much of their HR processes and delivered substantial savings and efficiency.

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The centre’s legacy system for tracking employees’ attendance was cumbersome, time-consuming, lacked transparency, and prone to errors, according to Tanya Cripps, the head of the RVH’s analyst team.

Employees often trade work schedules to accommodate personal activities. When this happens, she said, the shift change request were done on paper and delivered by hand. Often, HR ends ups with multiple copies of the same request and tracking the changes became very difficult.

With the old system, managers also lacked the ability to access real-time insights into workplace data that would allow them to proactively plan for sudden spikes and downturns in workforce demands.

RVH had four different union groups and one non-union group. Doctors, personnel, and volunteers worked under different schedules, explained Spiros Paleologos, Canadian vice-president and general manager for Kronos.

“RVH needed a system that can work through the variations of these schedules and help administrators prepare for potentially disruptive periods such as Super Bowl Mondays or the Holiday season when many workers tend to request for days off,” he said.

RVH initially deployed Kronos’ workforce management solution software to automate scheduling. But upon realizing the benefits of software-based workforce management, decided to deploy more tools from the company.

The Kronos solutions RVH adopted include:

The system is able to:

  • Schedule thousands of employees across multiple units and shifts
  • Align the right employees with right skills at right time in the right location
  • Workforce Timekeeper
  • Capture actual time worked and automate flow into the payroll system with accurate job type, location, and classification
  • Calculate and track vacation pay, time left, vacation request, leaves, absences
  • Manage rules to comply with union bargaining agreements

Paleologos said the portfolio of applications allowed RVH employee to manage their own shift change requests online or through their mobile devices. Employees clock in using a badge and a fingerprint scanner.

“The system also makes sure that employees are paid correctly and accurately calculates their overtimes,” said Paleologos.

Managers are now able to easily track workers’ attendance by simply viewing an online dashboard, and the system is able to apply the appropriate union work rules to the corresponding employee.

The visibility into the scheduling and timekeeping process has fostered enhanced trust and engagement with employees. The automation enables RVH to save time and labour.

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