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Wipro and Cisco join forces to open new global customer experience centre

Wipro and Cisco join forces to open new global customer experience centre 

Based at Wipro’s headquarters in California, the centre was launched to give customers a bird’s eye view into the company’s proof-of-concept testing, and the demonstration of emerging technologies.

 “We are delighted to be associated with Cisco to launch the global CustomerExperienceCenter that will serve as an incubation and demonstration platform for our joint customers world-wide,” Malay Verma, V.P. and global head of Media Vertical and Cisco Business Unit, Wipro Ltd. said in a press release. “In today’s dynamic business environment, customers are increasingly looking for complete industry solutions that can provide real-time insights into their core business processes. Wipro and Cisco are working together to develop innovative solutions that can be delivered through flexible consumption models in a hybrid cloud environment.”

The facility will provide customers with a firsthand look at various developments, which include improved end-to-end visibility of business processes, better inventory forecast algorithms, and industry optimization of the Internet of Everything.

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