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Windows 10 gets schooled

Windows 10 gets schooled 

The strategic release will give students across Canada access to Windows 10 desktop and tablet learning resources. The update also signals a new feature: the NetSupport School Tutor. Designed for teachers and educators, the app syncs classroom activities from Windows 10 tablets and PCs.

“With so much new for schools in Windows 10, we wanted to complement the additional functionality and resources provided,” said Managing Director Al Kingsley, “so the new Teacher app has been designed to specifically help orchestrate the classroom, from remotely launching Microsoft Office 365 apps on all student tablets, to delivering documents and lesson resources to the class.”

With great power, of course, comes great responsibility. Nowadays, adds Kingsley, the traditional “Stop, Lock or Block” methodology is no longer sufficient.

While these controls still exist, classroom control is now entirely in the hands of the teacher. Collaboration and orchestration features now remotely control and monitor what web pages and programs students are accessing.

Teachers will also appreciate cloud-based features like Office Mix and OneNote curriculum tools. There will be no more neck craning or squinting – presentations can be delivered directly onto every student’s individual screen.

Although designed for teachers, students too will enjoy the active engagement that NetSupport encourages. A Question and Answer module supports basketball questioning, differentiation, peer assessment and team-based assessment tools. Igniting the competitive spirit, students can also race for rewards with first to answer gamification.

NetSupport School 12 is now available for download from the company’s website, while the  NetSupport School Tutor can be accessed from the Windows Store.

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