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Windows 10 free update to end on July 29

Windows 10 free update to end on July 29 

Microsoft has been offering its latest operating system, Windows 10 as a free upgrade to anyone using Windows versions 7 or 8.1 since its launch a year ago. This free upgrade is about to expire on July 29. If you miss out on this gratis offer and will like to upgrade after the free version ends then you will be out of pocket of about $149 for the Windows 10 Home version and $249 for the Pro version.

To date, since its launch, Windows 10 has been installed in more the 350 million devices around the world with many using it for its productivity and security features. After the end of the free grace period, the first update to Microsoft’s latest Windows version will be made available on August 2, bringing new features to Cortana, Microsoft Edge, Windows Ink, Windows Hello and more.

To not lose out on this free upgrade to Windows 10 that will come to an end tomorrow, go here to get the latest Windows for free. Time is running out. Get yours now.


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