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Wind River introduces Titanium Cloud to accelerate NFV deployment

Wind River introduces Titanium Cloud to accelerate NFV deployment 

CGCS enables NFV infrastructure to achieve carrier grade reliability for telecom networks. Legacy networks deliver six-nines (99.9999%) reliability with virtualized infrastructure. Platforms based software applications achieve only three-nines (99.9%). In addition, by accelerating the virtual network functions, the CGCS helps minimize capital expenses and operating expenses.

Through its Titanium Cloud ecosystem program, Wind River has developed an ecosystem optimized for deployment with CGCS. Aside from telecom networks, the program also benefits infrastructure to mission-critical Internet of Things applications across the healthcare and automotive industries, as well as other markets.

“Realizing a successful NFV infrastructure requires collaboration across a broad ecosystem, ensuring the availability of end-to-end solutions that integrate seamlessly to deliver virtualized services at the necessary levels of carrier grade performance and reliability,” said Mike Langlois, GM, communications business for Wind River, in a press release. “Carrier Grade Communications Server delivers a critical element of this infrastructure. Our Titanium Cloud ecosystem program provides a framework for Wind River to work with industry leaders like Brocade, GENBAND, Metaswitch, Nakina, and Overture to deliver standard product solutions that help service providers achieve their critical business imperatives, such as reducing operating costs while accelerating the introduction of new, high-value services.”

Additional information about the Wind River Titanium Cloud ecosystem program is available here.

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