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Will Big Data bring big medals at the next Olympics?

Will Big Data bring big medals at the next Olympics? 

Cortana new update on Android

Microsoft will be releasing an update to Cortana on Android, which will give you access to Cortana on your phone’s lock screen. If you are a fan of Cortana, then with the new update you will have a much cleaner and better looking Cortana app design on your Android phone. 

This updated version will give you access to Cortana by a single swipe. Microsoft is already testing this new feature as part of a beta program which will be coming out in a few weeks.

Data analytics and athletes

Data analytics is widely used by businesses to boost their bottom line, by law enforcement agencies to track down crime rings, and by scientists to better understand weather patterns and climate changes. But could it be used by athletes? 

The Canadian Olympic Committee believes analytics can help Canadian athletes improve their performance. On Tuesday, the COC announced a partnership with data analytics software giant SAS.

WRLWND Radio was on hand to witness the announcement of this new partnership and according to Chris Overholt CEO and secretary general of the Canadian Olympic Committee, this partnership is most likely the very first such relationship between a national Olympic organization and a software vendor.

Hear from two Canadian Olympians, bobsleigh athlete Heather Moyse, a two-time Olympic champion and Adam van Koeverden, canoer and kayaker, a four-time Olympic medalist on how data analytics can help athletes.

Analytics will help athletes be better prepared and this partnership is very exciting for athletes and more so to help Canada win more medals in future games.

Malware on Google Chrome

If you are using Google Chrome, you could be lured into downloading malware that looks like a fix for corrupted fonts.

Hackers are finding their way into poorly-protected websites, according to security firm Proofpoint, to insert JavaScript. Once Chrome users visit these sites the script causes unrecognizable characters that make all text unreadable on the webpage.

Once this happens, a fake Chrome box pops up, informing users that they need to download a file that looks like a font installer package which is a click-fraud adware. That sort of adware isn’t very dangerous, but cybercriminals have used this sort of attack to unleash far worse things in the past, such as ransomware.

If you are using a Mac, then you are safe from this for now as it appears that the Chrome browser on Windows in Canada, the UK, the US and Australia are currently being targeted. But that doesn’t mean that this sort of hack cannot be implemented in other countries and operating systems.

Thanks to Olympians Heather Moyse and Adam van Koeverden for sharing their take on the use of data analytics to improve performance of athletes.


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