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Wearables are heating up

Wearables are heating up 

Sola, a band worn around the upper arm, uses the wearer’s blood flow to increase body temperature by as much as 0.2 degrees Celsius.

The science is surprisingly simple. When blood flows from the body’s extremities to its core, body temperature lowers. To combat this, Sola uses dual temperature sensors to measure and deliver the perfect amount of heat. The warmed armband allows hotter blood to circulate throughout the body.

The wearable is made from medical-grade silicone and laser-cut neoprene fabric. It is powered by a 2000mAH battery, providing up to four hours of continuous heat.

To ensure the user’s safety, Sola uses three protective layers. The first provides the batteries with built-in current and voltage protection, while the second is a physical fuse that shuts the wearable down if too much current is detected. Finally, a smart-monitoring system will shut off if temperature of current becomes too high.

Yakimovich, an engineer from the University of Toronto, has already founded Divvi, a file-sharing app, and FuelWear, a heated clothing base layer. Now, he has teamed up with the UofT Hatchery to produce Sola.

Sola is currently available to backers on Indiegogo. Though Canadians are currently enjoying the hottest months of the year, an investment now might allow that warmth to last a little longer. 

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