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WatchGuard offers x-ray vision into network traffic

WatchGuard offers x-ray vision into network traffic 

It’s available as a real-time network security visibility solution and provides a comprehensive view of network traffic flow across the network, with provision capability for additional analysis.

A dimension policy map aggregates information on policies, interfaces, applications and traffic flows, and simplifies it as an interactive dashboard which can help identify abnormal traffic and check if firewall configuration changes have the required impact on traffic patterns.

“Security policies are the brains of a firewall and dictate the effectiveness of any firewall configuration and directly impact our customers’ network protection,” said Dave R. Taylor, VP of corporate and product strategy at WatchGuard Technologies, in a press release. “Given the tremendous customer uptake for Dimension on a global basis, we recognized an opportunity to improve their security management and help eliminate errors by giving network administrators a powerful tool for visualizing policy analysis. They can now see policies like never before and instantly evaluate the impact on the network or user.”

Moreover Dimension has additional reporting and dashboard features that include information on zero-day malware, website visit details and traffic disposition information, and enhanced navigation. And it is free on any WatchGuard UTM or NGFW platform.

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