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Watchful Software introduces Mac OS X support for data protection

Watchful Software introduces Mac OS X support for data protection 

Version 6.2 of Watchful’s RightsWATCH includes support for users of Mac OS X, improves iOS and Android capabilities, reinforcement of policy adherence, and enhanced support for Active Directory (AD) Group management.

“As enterprise-level security breaches continue to happen at a record pace, organizations worldwide are aggressively moving from a network-centric to a data-centric approach to secure their information,” Charles Foley, Chairman and CEO of Watchful Software said in a press release. “The growth of cloud and BYOD usage is placing sensitive information at risk more than ever before, driving the need for technologies that identify sensitive data at the moment it’s created, and further, to classify and protect that information so that it can only be used by authorized parties regardless of where it resides or may travel.”

The new version also features real-time synchronization with AD including AD Groups when managing security policies. Additionally, RightsWATCH mobile app users can access their company’s global address list to create classified messages.

Mac OS X users can easily configure RightsWATCH 6.2 to protect sensitive data and identify sensitive emails according to corporate policy, without additional effort.

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