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Voxel introduces App FastForward

Voxel introduces App FastForward 

Prior to the release of App FastForward, developers need to rebuild their apps in HTML5 or modify them in a demonstration. Voxel’s latest product enables users to go straight into the app without waiting for it to load.

“Smart app marketers are throwing traditional creative out the window and putting the experience first, creating an interactive demo that is the ad,” explained David Zhao, CEO of Voxel, in a press release. “Now, with App FastForward, it’s easier than ever for advertisers to create playable demos of their apps. Simply upload your existing app, and we’ll turn it into a playable ad.”

Publishers such as, Storm8, Electronic Arts and GSN, are some initial users of App FastForward. Voxel has delivered over five million app previews since December 2013.

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