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VoLTE surpasses Skype and 3G Circuit Switched Voice, says study

VoLTE surpasses Skype and 3G Circuit Switched Voice, says study 

The first part of the two-part study conducted by Signals Research Group (SRG) analyzed several key elements of VoLTE, which included call quality, set-up time, network resources and overall performance. Preliminary results reveal that VoLTE outperformed similar existing products.

“Although conceptually I understood the potential benefits of VoLTE, it wasn’t until we analyzed the results that we collected with Spirent that I truly appreciated the incremental benefits that VoLTE offers,” Michael Thelander, president of SRG said in a press release. “I am really looking forward to the second part of our study when we have the opportunity to do sensitivity studies and take observations made in the field and confirm them in a tightly-controlled lab environment with Spirent’s test equipment and engineering resources.”

The study also shows that while VoLTE and Skype are compatible with HD Voice, exclusive VoLTE features like guaranteed bearer deliver better quality voice services to users. Once completed, the study may encourage mobile service providers to offer the new technology over their LTE networks. 

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