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VMware launches Safe Passage program

VMware launches Safe Passage program 

VMware says its safe passage program can consolidate the present multiple-platform traditional management into one simple management from a single console.

The program tools help consolidate management of multiple platforms to one simplified platform and make the migration process smooth.

VMware Horizon 6

With Horizon 6, Citrix customers can upgrade to one simplified management with one stack which is safe and the user need not pay more.

VMware believes Horizon 6 has several advantages over Citrix XenDesktop: it is best for software-defined data centres (SDDS), it offers superior visibility and control, has central image management facility, gives the choice of on-premise and cloud deployment and provides end users more choices by aggregating workspace.

Horizon 6 can integrate with SDDS, provide closed-loop management with cloud orchestration, offer workload portability across data centres and end-to-end visibility.

VMware AirWatch

Comprehensive EMM with AirWatch offers secure user access across any mobile device from a single console, irrespective of company size or product scalability.

AirWatch simplifies enterprise mobility and can be deployed with any smartphones, laptops, tablets and printers. It can be used with most operating systems, including Android, Apple iOS, MAC OS and Windows. Also, AirWatch offers BYOD capabilities.

AirWatch Secure Content Locker protects sensitive content in a corporate container and provides an application to securely access and update documents from mobile devices. It has dashboard tracking and a reporting system.

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