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VMware launches its first software-defined storage solution

VMware launches its first software-defined storage solution 

The software, which is built into the VMware vSphere kernel, collects internal magnetic disks and flash devices from x86 servers. It is capable of performing 2 million IOPS on a read-only workload on a 32-node cluster and 640,000 IOPS on a mixed workload on a 32-node cluster.

“Today VMware changes the way that storage has been operated to date,” said John Gilmartin, VP and GM, SDDC Suite Business Unit, VMware. “VMware Virtual SAN is a radically simple storage solution optimized for virtual environments that brings an application-centric approach to storage management. Customers that know VMware vSphere know VMware Virtual SAN, and can rely on that familiarity to hit the ground running with VMware Virtual SAN.”

Among its features is hypervisor-converged architecture, which delivers an efficient data path while minimizing resource utilization. This means that the software will consume less than 10 per cent of CPU resources.

Additionally, the Virtual SAN uses flash and read/write caching to accelerate performance, and users can scale their clusters as needed by adding nodes to clusters or disks to individual nodes.

The product shifts management to applications rather than devices, which means that administrators can easily change their VM policies and will no longer have to create complex configurations for LUNs and volumes. This will enable them to avoid overprovisioning and better meet Service Level Agreements.

It can also integrate with the VMware stack, allowing customers to use a number of data services, including backup and cloning. It is interoperable with VMware Horizon View 5.3.1, VMware vCenter Site Recovery Manager, VMware vCenter Operations Management Suite, and VMware vCloud Automation Center.

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