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Visionect introduces V-platform and V-tablet

Visionect introduces V-platform and V-tablet 

Visionect, an electronic paper technology provider and developer, has come up with an application tool – V-platform and V-tablet – that museums can use as interactive information plaques.

Visionect has converted one museum into a learning environment and basic web coding skills is all that is needed to create what an exhibitor wants. V-Tablets were web-connected as interactive wall-mounted displays. This provided detailed information not only to the visitors, but also to the hosts. They could see the real-time analytic feedback on visitors’ activity. This heavy-use scenario is backed by V-Tablet’s high screen visibility and battery life.

V-Platform can be programmed with common coding languages, so developers do not need separate skill to program these tablets. V-tablets are fed apps via wi-fi and the developers have full control over each user’s experience.

This capability is ideal for any device for tabletop ordering, production line optimization or calendar-integrated booking systems.

Visionect believes that if the developers can think it, they can do it. Pricing starts at $329.

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