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Vision Critical unveils customer-centric marketing solution

Vision Critical unveils customer-centric marketing solution 

“We’ve already had a handful of existing Vision Critical customers use IdeaHub and they’ve been pleasantly surprised and impressed. The clients we’ve been working with have been able to gain some spectacular insight into what their customers want more from their organizations and how they can deliver value to their audience the way they want it,” said Andrew Grenville, chief research officer, Vision Critical.

“IdeaHub has already allowed our clients to team-up with their customers to produce good ideas and execute against them, which helps the businesses we work with stay close to the demands of their target market and grow their business.”

Through the IdeaHub process, customers and other interested groups are presented with innovation challenges. Members can then generate and submit ideas in a variety of mediums.

Ideas with potential are then sent back to the community – comprised of an insight group, market panel, or internal online group – for evaluation. Ideas with the highest scores are then posted to an online forum for refinement by the community, and the revised ideas, as chosen by the organization, are presented to the community for a final decision.

IdeaHub was announced at the Market Research Event 2013 conference in Texas, and is currently being offered to select organizations.

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