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Virtustream, Intel to add security to the cloud

Virtustream, Intel to add security to the cloud 

Both Virtustream’s xStream 2.2 cloud management software and its IaaS cloud were slotted to receive the upgrade. The enterprise-class cloud solutions provide companies with access to highly secure and compliant cloud computing, whether in private, public or hybrid clouds.

The Intel TXT integration bolsters the cloud solutions’ security features. Intel TXT provides hardware authentication and enables a range of advanced high security features including malware/virus prevention, BIOS authentication, hypervisor authentication, geotagging and geofencing.   

“Virtustream’s partnership with Intel has been built on our common belief that enterprise class clouds must closely integrate software and hardware to give our clients the most advanced security features and compliance capabilities which reduce risk and costs,” said Kevin Reid, CEO and CTO of Virtustream. “By integrating Intel TXT, Virtustream’s xStream moves several steps ahead of any other hybrid cloud solution. The combination of application-level SLAs and security compliance gives our customers a tremendous advantage and new options for how they can deploy business-critical applications in the cloud.”

xStream 2.2 is Virtustream’s secure hybrid cloud solution. It’s the first cloud management platform available for private, public and hybrid clouds that uses Intel TXT.  With version 2.2, xStream enables geotagging and geofencing to ensure applications in data centres are secure.  

In addition, xStream 2.2 integrated Intel TXT’s attestation framework with Virtustream’s xGRC solution. The framework integration ensures workloads and customer environments are continuously audited and reported for compliance.

“Enterprise clients have shown great interest in using Intel® TXT and Virtustream’s xStream workload orchestration software to increase workload integrity and compliance while addressing a wide range of workload sizes,” said Jason Waxman, vice president, Data Center Group at Intel. “With xStream, customers can take advantage of Intel TXT both on-premise and burstable into a secured public cloud which provides flexibility of where and when to deploy resources to meet new business needs.”

Virtustream announced recently the general availability of xStream 2.2 with Intel TXT integrated.

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