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Versature to provide Secure Video Conferencing Solution

Versature to provide Secure Video Conferencing Solution 

Versature, a Canadian provider of SaaS business cloud communications solutions recently announced the beta launch of their product Huddle, a secure video conferencing solution by net2phone. Versature is leveraging net2phone to propel its launch of advanced unified communications technology solutions. Huddle is the most recent addition to Versature’s portfolio of newly launched features including browser-based calling and integrations with Microsoft Teams and Zoho CRM.

“Huddle’s impeccable voice and video quality is engineered to bolster productivity and foster seamless collaboration between colleagues, clients, partners, and suppliers,” said Jonathon Moody, President and COO of Versature. 

In the pilot phase of the product, the company will be offering Huddle for free to its clients nationwide. Huddle allows clients to do video conferencing and screen sharing easier and more securely via various browsers or mobile devices with both internal and external users. One of its features is a high-definition video conferencing, which works well with Versature’s cloud communication service and is well suited for the untethered, work-from-home environment most people are in. All of the conferences made in Huddle are passcode-protected and security-encrypted.

Aside from this, Huddle also prides in its seamless share screen feature, which allows you to play YouTube videos for every participant. Users also have access to video and audio selection control, a raise-hand option, and chat messaging. Versature will also be providing real-time quality control and status updates to session moderators available in over 30 languages.

Huddle will be accessible from any mobile device or desktop computer, which makes it suitable to facilitate meetings even with dispersed users. The product is also available for iOS and Android via the Huddle app, which can be downloaded for free on the App Store and Google Play. 

For Versature clients, they can now access Huddle by logging in through the Huddle website with Versature Client Portal credentials. Also, conferences done in Huddle can be scheduled as well in Gmail or Outlook and anyone outside the user’s organization can also receive an invitation.

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