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VeloCloud announces new cloud network service

VeloCloud announces new cloud network service 

This service solves the networking problems that branch offices face and vastly simplifies deployment and management and provides IT with greater WAN visibility and cloud-scale analytics.

“The VeloCloud service transcends the congestion, expense and complexity that plague WAN connections today, so that branch operations no longer struggle with a networking dilemma,” said Sanjay Uppal, co-founder and CEO of VeloCloud, in a press release. “Our disruptive approach takes full advantage of cloud and virtualization technologies to both simplify and fortify the WAN, turning what is too often an inhibitor into a powerful business advantage.”

With a few mouse clicks, this service steers critical business applications over the best paths and links and delivers network services to all branches. Branch sites can now achieve fast, resilient and secure application performance with just ordinary broadband links from multiple internet providers.

“Our customers are excited by the dramatic improvements possible with VeloCloud, which enables a branch office to be deployed and online in hours instead of days or weeks,” added Uppal. “At the same time, VeloCloud adds to the enterprise’s bottom line with 3x to 5x TCO savings; improves VoIP, video and VDI [virtual desktop infrastructure] performance by 20 percent to 60 percent; and offers better reliability than a single private line.”

Cloud networking, virtualized services and enterprise-grade Internet are essential for WAN to provide cloud delivery and VeloCloud provides these. The benefits are multiple inexpensive broadband links that behave like reliable high-bandwidth link, hardware expenses reduction, troubleshooting, access control, application-aware firewall, multi-path QoS and VPN, and the ability to pay as you go.

VeloCloud is targeting industries in high tech, hospitality, financial services and construction. VeloCloud is available through authorized partner program of value-added resellers, system integrators and managed service providers.

“VeloCloud’s solution transforms WAN networking by leveraging the economics of the Internet, the architecture of the cloud and the virtualization of network appliances,” explained Alan Boehme, member of the board of advisors of VeloCloud and head of Enterprise Architecture, the Coca-Cola Company, in a press release. “This is beneficial for any enterprise and absolutely the right direction for the migration to hybrid data centers.”

“VeloCloud’s unique approach allows Latus to bring the innovation needed to solve enterprise problems and build client loyalty for our value-added solutions,” shared Kier Lane, CEO of Latus Solutions, one of VeloCloud’s authorized channel partners, in a press release. “VeloCloud’s cloud-delivered WAN service eliminates the stack of appliances in the branch as well as the need for new equipment investment in the data center.”

The service subscription comprises a cloud orchestrator, distributed cloud service gateways and a cloud service edge per branch. For more information, visit

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