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Blog Post launches QR code analytics page
SMB launches QR code analytics page 

 The company’s statistics page will provide marketers with free access to a database of millions of worldwide QR code scans, with the addition of targeted results.

“The idea is to share with marketers what’s happening right now with QR codes and devices across the world,” CEO Diego Gopen said in a press release. “This is a view into what’s going on in the world of QR codes and which are the best targets to focus on when talking about QR campaigns, what are their interests, genders, mobile devices, etc.”

QR code data on the analytics page can be filtered and sorted into various categories, including age, country, gender, and the device used to scan the code. Additionally, if the stats are used prior to the launch of a marketing campaign, they can be targeted towards the desired demographics in order to boost customer engagement and interest.

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