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Upgrading the world

Upgrading the world 

Microsoft recently announced that the release of Windows 10 is slated for July 29. In preparation for the launch, Microsoft has announced a new Upgrade Your World initiative.

The year-long initiative is poised to raise awareness and celebrate nonprofit organizations around the world. As of Monday, partners include CARE,, Keep a Child Alive, Malala Fund, Pencils of Promise, Save the Children, Special Olympics, The Global Poverty Project, and The Nature Conservancy. To make a perfect ten, Microsoft is creating a global poll to vote in a last participant.

Besides the ten global participants, 100 local nonprofits will share in the $10 million cash investment.

And that’s just for now: in September, Microsoft anticipates partnering with 10 additional nonprofits in Australia, China, France, Germany, India, Japan, Kenya, Mexico, the United Kingdom and the United States respectively. The 100 winners will each receive a cash investment to “upgrade their world”.

Money can’t buy happiness, certainly, but adequate funding coupled with dedicated volunteerism is a recipe for success. To prove their commitment beyond finances, Microsoft employees will receive an extra day off throughout the year to volunteer in their communities. Many are choosing to use the July 29 launch as an opportunity to serve their neighborhoods.

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