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UK Secretary of State for International Trade: The UK is open for business

UK Secretary of State for International Trade: The UK is open for business 

Dr. Liam Fox was elected to his new office under Prime Minister Theresa May following the historic Brexit vote. In speaking with the press on the first day of the Sage Summit, he highlighted three main areas that he perceives to be the strengths of Britain’s historic decision. He remarked on the causes behind why Britain chose to leave the EU and commented on the strengths he has seen in many sectors within the UK. So what does the future hold for Britain? He went on to talk about how the UK is open for business like never before.

With tax rates that are some of the lowest in the G20, unrivaled support in financial services, and perfect geographic location to trade with Asia in the morning and America in the afternoon, Dr. Fox said there are many reasons why investment in the UK will continue to grow.

The UK will open up three new offices in Minneapolis, Raleigh, and San Diego, “renowned for their economic productivity, and well-established research and development institutions, these three cities offer exciting opportunities to boost trade and investment. Each office will work to promote the UK business, economic and political ties … building on a model of what has been shown to work already in Denver and Seattle,” Dr. Fox pointed out.

He went on to state that the goal of the UK’s historic move is to remove geographic blocks and focus on trade that is functionally similar, with Britain remaining dedicated to enabling poor countries to trade their way out of poverty.

His main theme throughout his presentation was that the UK is very much “open for business”.

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