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Uber for seniors

Uber for seniors 

Revera, a Canadian provider of accommodation, will pilot the system – dubbed UberCENTRAL – for the first time in Canada.

“At Revera, we’re always looking for new and innovative ways to enhance our residents’ lives,” says Trish Barbato, Senior Vice President of Innovation & Strategic Partnerships, Revera Inc. “We share Uber’s goal of enabling seniors’ mobility and independence, and we’re pleased to hear from residents of The Annex retirement community in Toronto that UberCENTRAL has exceeded their expectations for convenient and reliable transportation. We look forward to completing this pilot and fully evaluating the results.”

Beyond seniors’ centers, UberCENTRAL could serve any company from car dealerships to hotels, and more.

“At Uber, our mission is to provide convenient, reliable transportation for everyone, everywhere,” said Sheldon McCormick, General Manager, Uber Toronto. “We know that lack of transportation is a barrier to freedom and improved health for many retirement home residents who need to get to medical appointments or spend time with family members. That’s why we’re so pleased to be piloting UberCENTRAL with Revera to help increase the independence and mobility of their residents.”

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