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Two communications firms bag $13.2-M Shared Services Canada satellite contract

Two communications firms bag $13.2-M Shared Services Canada satellite contract 

Under the terms of their contract with Shared Services Canada, metOcean Telematics and Track24 Canada Ltd., will provide the government departments with access to Iridium Satellite telecommunications services and equipment to enable satellite-based voice, data and geolocation services. SSC said the contracts will also help create jobs in the small and medium sized business sector.

The Iridium Satellite Services complement Shared Services Canada’s ability to provide worldwide mobile connectivity services, including coverage of the North and South poles. It will provide public servants working abroad and in remote locations access to reliable telecommunication services.

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“The renewal of our Iridium Satellite Services is a great example of how our government is delivering on its commitment to modernize our telecommunications infrastructure,” said Anita Vandenbeld, Member of Parliament for Ottawa West – Nepean. “Our partnership with metOcean Telematics and Track24 Canada Ltd. will ensure that our government remains connected, no matter where in the world we work in service to Canadians.” 

Vandenbeld announced the awarding of the contract on Wednesday on behalf of the Jim Carr, acting Minister of Public Services and Procurement Canada with responsibility for SSC, and Minister of Natural Resources Canada.

The Iridium Satellite Service is a mobile, worldwide satellite telecommunications network that can be accessed using handheld, vehicular, marine and/or fixed communications terminals. 

The satellite service provides worldwide connectivity to over 4,000 subscribers at more than 25 government departments and agencies. It can also be used to transmit secure information when combined with end-to-end encryption. 

metOcean is a Dartmouth, N.S. that specializes in satellite communications. It is a prominent Iridium Satellite value added reseller.

Track24 Canada is a Nepean, Ont.-based security systems supplier which serve the government and defence markets.

“This contract will allow Track24 Canada Ltd. to continue to invest in the Canadian economy and develop innovative satellite technologies right here in Ottawa,” said Giles Adam Peeters, chief operating officer of Track24. “Our satellite tracking products can provide life-saving technology for personnel working in remote or dangerous locations. In addition, the real-time situational awareness that these technologies offer can be critical to the success of government operations.”

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