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Trump, Pokémon Go and Raptors googled by most Canadians in 2016

Trump, Pokémon Go and Raptors googled by most Canadians in 2016 

In Canada, users searched for Donald Trump, Pokémon Go and Toronto Raptors in keeping with the global search trends of the rest of the world. Drake topped the categories of the most searched celebrity, musician and Canadian.

Let’s look at some of the categories as released by Google.


1) Pokémon Go
2) iPhone 7
3) Donald Trump
4) Prince
5) Powerball

Global News
1) US Election
2) Olympics
3) Brexit
4) Orlando Shooting
5) Zika Virus

1) Donald Trump
2) Hillary Clinton
3) Michael Phelps
4) Melania Trump
5) Simone Biles

Consumer Tech
1) iPhone 7
2) Freedom 251
3) iPhone SE
4) iPhone 6S
5) Google Pixel


1) Donald Trump
2) Pokémon Go
3) Toronto Raptors
4) Fort McMurray Fire
5) Prince

News Stories
1) Donald Trump
2) US Election
3) Zika Virus
4) Olympics
5) Fort McMurray Fire

1) Drake
2) Beyoncé
3) Rihanna
4) Céline Dion
5) Kanye West

Consumer Technology
1) iPhone 7
2) Samsung Galaxy S7
3) Samsung Galaxy Note 7
4) Google Pixel
5) Nintendo Switch

If you are wondering why neither Prime Minister Justin Trudeau nor musician Justin Bieber made the Canadian list is because Google’s trending list is not based on the overall number of searches a particularly topic received, but rather, “searches that had the highest spike in traffic over a sustained period compared with 2015,” Alexandra Hunnings, a spokeswoman for Google Canada said as reported by CBC.

To see more, go to Google Trends 2016.

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