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Trend Micro and Snyk strengthens partnership to solve open source development risks

Trend Micro and Snyk strengthens partnership to solve open source development risks 

Trend Micro announced its plans to collaborate with Snyk, the leader in developer-first open source security, on a solution to help security teams manage the risk of open source vulnerabilities once open source code is started without the interruption of the software delivery process. With this collaboration, there will be a strengthened expansion of DevOps security for businesses and organizations without affecting product roadmaps.

“We know that vulnerabilities in open source software, which is increasingly used by all development teams, have increased 2.5x in the past three years,” said Geva Solomonovich, Global Alliances CTO. “This partnership is ground-breaking because for the first time it is giving the security operations team visibility into open source, which is one of the fundamental building blocks of cloud native applications, and its risk. Through this collaboration we will be helping bridge the technology, process and organizational gap between security operations and devops teams.”

According to Kevin Simzer, chief operating officer for Trend Micro, what they are putting into play is effectively a virtual open source cybersecurity expert to those teams running their Cloud One platform. “Together,” he said, “we can solve security issues before they occur, with complete coverage from code creation to runtime and across any type of developer environment.”

This partnership will enable organizations to easily identify vulnerabilities in open source code. Aside from this, the solution will allow benefits for development and security departments such as supporting compliance with ISO 27001, SOC 2 and other key frameworks and standards.

To know more about the development of the product, click here. For an overview of the partnership, click here.

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