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Travel safe with IBM Analytics

Travel safe with IBM Analytics 

The travel and transportation industry has been affected by a series of security threats recently, and IBM’s new Security AppScan software will help to mitigate these risks.

The software is designed to improve web and mobile app security through Security Assessment Services and Industrial Controls Cybersecurity Consulting Services while reducing the risk of attacks.

“Security is not a ‘project,’ and needs continuous, rigorous discipline to deal with incoming threats. The only economical, practical, and viable way for travel and transportation companies to protect themselves is to layer themselves in protection, adopting both defensive and proactive approaches,” Marty Salfen, GM of IBM’s global travel and transportation industry, said in a press release.

“Many security solutions are largely defensive, leveraging advanced security analytics as a weapon will allow travel and transportation companies to detect, react, remedy and go on offense quickly.”

The travel industry is usually near the top of hackers’ lists because it relies on the Internet for business. Additionally, online transactions making even more enticing, as personal banking and credit card information can be extracted by attackers.

The new release takes advantage of IBM’s QRadar Security Intelligence Platform to protect travel agencies and their clients’ sensitive data. It also provides protection from inside and outside a company’s firewalls.

If a company is under attack, IBM Analytics will provide access to a team of security experts who will assists with data recovery and reduce business impact from ongoing incidents.

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