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Traditional classrooms getting schooled digitally

Traditional classrooms getting schooled digitally 

Many schools are embracing these technological advances, which makes tasks like taking attendance or administering a quiz easier, according an Intel Canada press release.

A study conducted by the technology giant shows that 69 per cent of teachers surveyed are very much in favour of an increased digital presence in the classroom. Additionally, the results showed that 78 per cent of Canadian post-secondary students rely on online sources for research, while 52 per cent complete their homework online.

The reaction from students has been equally positive. The study showed that 79 per cent of student respondents felt empowered by mobile technology. The advancements allow teachers to hold online office hours outside of school and make learning a more interactive and stimulating experience.

Having a more mobile educational environment has positively impacted the relationship between students and teachers. It promotes collaboration and creativity, and allows daily lessons to go far beyond the blackboard.

Teachers can now incorporate audio and visual elements into their lectures, something that was often lacking in the classrooms of the past.

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