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TrackVia: BYOD and BYOA trend on the rise

TrackVia: BYOD and BYOA trend on the rise 

“So why not embrace it?” asks a recent survey.

According to this survey conducted by TrackVia, a do-it-yourself platform provider, 41 percent of employees say that company-provided tools do not meet their needs and 76 percent pointed to this as the reason behind employees embracing BYOD.

“Contrary to popular belief, our research indicates that IT departments don’t want to stand in the way of employees – or as we refer to them, Citizen Developers – being productive and efficient at work, even when it comes to bringing in outside software and devices,” explained Walker Fenton, SVP of products at TrackVia, in a press release. “Rather, we found that the majority of IT departments want to work with Citizen Developers to ensure security and manageability of these devices and applications.”

TrackVia surveyed more than 1000 U.S. and 250 IT employees. The results of the survey found that they want to work together and improve business. And 83 percent of employees as well as 92 percent of IT workers acknowledged that IT will help employees perform smarter. But the surprising outcome of this survey is that 71 percent of IT workers admit that an enterprise’s primary priority is to enhance collaboration. It is also a priority for two thirds of the employees surveyed.

The hard part
Even with almost all IT workers agreeing they want to work alongside employees to select business tools and IT wanting to be part of the process, getting the two groups agree upon business apps and services is the hard part. But two-thirds of employees conceded they never worked with IT in this regard.

Other lead findings
More than half of employees admit practicing the BYOD/BYOA trend to make their jobs easier. Sixty seven percent of IT workers also do the same. However, 53 percent pointed out that IT workers do not expect employees to use IT approved devices and apps. One-third of employees stick to BYOD/BYOA, reasoning the company’s tools are ancient. Eighty two percent of employees and 93 percent of IT workers both recognize the necessity of a secured enterprise network.

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