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Catching the IoT wave

Catching the IoT wave 

Boy, can this thing make some noise! That was what I thought to myself when I first hooked up the dial up modem to my computer back in the early 1990s — and found my ears assaulted by that piercing R2D2-like electronic chatter.

Some two decades later, thankfully modems have become quieter. But the Internet is still making noise, huge noise in the case of its latest spawn – the Internet of Things.

I must admit, I was one of those who initially regarded with some skepticism the degree with which many companies started throwing about the acronym IoT as if the Internet was some omnipresent entity which touched every facet of our lives. Hey wait a minute did I just described the Internet?

The rapid growth of what we called the World Wide Web in the 90’s has in some way ignited a charge that which resulted in an explosion of innovation and transformation. The Internet is no longer routers and modems, computers, and server but rather all that and more – sensors, gadgets, machines talking to machines, talking to people, driving our cars, watching over our babies, conveying information, analyzing data.

This brings us to this issue of the digital edition of IT in Canada.

ITIC is focusing on the Internet of Things and what it means to Canadian businesses.

With more than $8.4 billion in IoT revenue forecasted for this year alone, do you think your company can afford not to catch the IoT wave?

Charlie Atkinson, vice-president and managing director of Hewlett-Packard Canada, spells out the risks and benefits of IoT and lays the answer out excellently in his article The Internet of Thins is Taking Canadian Business by Storm – Is Your Team Ready?

Big data is one of the key by-products of our connected world and an indispensible component to the success of any business. But with so much and so many types of data coming from so many sources, where and how does one store all that information?

Exactly the query that which the post Where and how will at that (Big) Data be stored? answers.
Let it not be said that we’re all business here at ITIC. Like most of the world this summer, we were also into Pokemon GO.

But we not just walking around with our heads bowed towards our phones. Eric Jacksch, our regular columnist, “sacrificed” his vacation time to investigate the latest mobile craze by trying his hand in catching some virtual animated monsters. Eric reveals what he learned from this experiment in his article Poke Lessons.

Michael Murphy’s Pokemon Go, Trojans and MDM, on the other hand takes a look at the security implications of mobile games. His post provides very time and useful advice on home companies can ensure corporate and employees’ mobile devices, as well as company network are protected even when workers visit mobile game sites.

Well, those were just a sample of the articles we’ve compiled for this edition of IT in Canada Digital.

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John Jones is group publisher and executive editor for IT in Canada. He is a seasoned media veteran who has launched and developed leading industry media products within the Canadian market, including Information Week Canada, CRN Canada, IT in Canada, Canadian Government Executive and Vanguard media. In addition, he is an active industry consultant specializing in content and social media development.

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