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Tier 3 offers self-service networking features at its data centres

Tier 3 offers self-service networking features at its data centres 

Users can now architect network configurations in the public cloud that resemble the enterprise-class networking of internal data centres. That means that more enterprise applications can be shifted to the cloud without sacrificing security or compliance. These self-service networking features include shared load balancers, site-to-site VPNs, VLANs and custom public IP ports and ranges for edge firewalls. The shared load balancers use both “least connection” or “round robin” routing policies and either sticky or standard persistence. This service supports up to 10Mbps of managed traffic and 10 VMs for a single virtual IP address and is delivered as a virtual appliance using Citrix NetScaler. Tier 3’s site-to-site VPNs supports gateway to gateway and host to gateway connections. Its self-service VLANs allow customers to build multi-tier network security. Custom public IP ports and ranges for edge firewalls free Tier 3’s clients from the constraints of the most common ports for the public firewall.

Tier 3 believes these self-service features will also benefit its white-label and reseller partners. When customers can service themselves, the burden on these partners will decrease, and providing support will become more economical. 

“We all read about ‘the cloud price wars,’ but precious little focus is given to the human cost of IT. The time and expense of highly skilled workers performing mundane tasks consumes far more budget than public cloud services for most enterprises today,” said Jared Wray, founder and CTO of Tier 3. “That’s why self-service features and the removal of these tedious functions are so important to our customers. These self-service networking tools will help them increase business agility, and more importantly, re-allocate human capital more effectively within their organizations.”

Tier 3’s data centre network includes two located in Canada, one in Toronto and one in Vancouver. 

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