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TIBCO to offer new cloud services

TIBCO to offer new cloud services 

The company’s cloud portfolio now includes advanced location, business and data prep analytics, and open APIs, integration tools, and management solutions.

“As cloud technologies become an increasingly large part of businesses’ IT infrastructure, it’s critical that TIBCO is able to offer valuable solutions that support these technologies,” said Matt Quinn, chief technology officer, TIBCO. “Over the past year we have been committed to developing and acquiring the foremost cloud services that enable businesses to discover new ways of connecting people, deriving intelligence, and improving operational efficiency while mitigating the risks commonly associated with enhancements in innovation.”

The cloud services include GeoAnalytics, a service that provides advanced location intelligence and solutions; Spotfire Cloud, a business analytics service that provides a platform for enterprises to analyze and collaborate on business insights; Clarity, a service than enables businesses to standardize data taken from disparate sources; and Cloud MDM, which provides a platform to manage data records in the cloud.

Additional cloud services that will be available in the first quarter of 2014 include Cloud API Exchange, Project Austin, and Cloud Metrics.

The new products were showcased this week at TIBCO’s annual user conference in Las Vegas.

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