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Three ways work presentations will change in 2016

Three ways work presentations will change in 2016 

So what can we expect office meetings or presentations to be like as we enter the last half of this decade? Epson Canada has a few ideas, they recently highlighted three trends that they foresee changing the way businesses will present in 2016.

1. Not all of the participants will be in the room

With the expansion of the connected office, work can now be done from home, while travelling, or from a satellite office. Today many businesses have team members that are scattered across different locations and time zones. As a result of this new norm, presentations must have the technology to equally include team members who are in the room and those who are not.

2. Presentations will be unplanned

Technology has changed the speed of business to the point where sometimes the need to collaborate with co-workers arises spontaneously. This demands that office technology be flexible, quick and easy-to-use and allow staff to instantly present ongoing projects or even to share a presentation with a client.

3. Presentations will be dialogues, not monologues

Facilitating dialogue among team members is a vital way to collaborate and reach solutions for any business. As such, presentations should be designed to provide opportunities for discussion. To achieve such dialogues office technology should not only empower meeting participants to comment and explore possible outcomes but also to work together on the presented material.

With the wide array of office technology on hand today it would be fairly easy for businesses to adapt to these new trends. Even the simplest addition to technology can make meetings with a presentation element more instantaneous, collaborative and helpful to employees in different locations.

Projectors are one of the most commonly used equipment to make office presentations come alive. One such projector that is worth considering is the Epson BrightLink Pro interactive projector. This projector transforms almost any flat surface into an interactive whiteboard for real-time collaboration.

To learn more about this projector, check out this video.


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