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Three reasons why you should get the BlackBerry Key2

Three reasons why you should get the BlackBerry Key2 

A few weeks ago, I did a review of the specifications and capabilities of the Key2. You can see that review by going here.

Physical Keyboard
The biggest thing that makes the Key2 stands out from the rest of the smartphones out there is the physical keyboard. We live in a digital touch world, where almost every gadget we use is going the way of touchpads. The BlackBerry Key2 is different. The keyboard on this smartphone is designed for an exclusive group of people. Those that are looking for a physical keyboard while having a touchscreen experience. BlackBerry keeps going back to this design, which has made the company famous many years ago, to fulfil the needs of this particular group of users.

BlackBerry Key2 Keyboard

The physical keyboard can be used for the traditional two-thumb typing approach that many became hooked on some 10 to 15 years ago. With its swipe feature, you can swipe up at predictive words rather than typing out a word, providing a faster and a more efficient way of composing emails and fulfilling type-related functions.

The raised physical keys allow for better typing results as opposed to a touchscreen keyboard. Of course, if you are new to physical keyboard typing, it’s going to take some getting used to, but as a previous BlackBerry user, you will feel right at home with the BlackBerry Key2.

The keyboard can also be used for scrolling both in the portrait and landscape mode. This is ideal if you are reading an article online, you can scroll by running your finger over the keys.

Another important function of the keyboard is the assigning of shortcuts. By swiping down from the top of the smartphone, you gain access to the settings gear. A simple tap will take you to “shortcuts and gestures” and then another tap to “keyboard shortcuts”. Here you can select a letter and then assign a shortcut. By pressing and holding down that letter on the keyboard, the app assigned will open.

The only annoying thing I noticed about the keyboard is that when I tried to switch to an uppercase letter, holding down the cap key and typing a letter at the same time felt a little awkward. The answer to this is the function built within the keyboard of long pressing on a letter which results in the uppercase letter. You get the same annoyance when trying to type numbers and symbols using the alt key.

Locker app
If you are security conscious and privacy is paramount to you, then the Locker app feature will be one that will benefit you significantly. This app allows you to drop apps, pictures, or videos inside it securely. You can only access the Locker, and anything that’s inside it, with a password, PIN, or your fingerprint.

BlackBerry Key2 Locker

What is cool too is if you have apps shortcuts on your home screen that you have placed in the Locker, you will still have to go through the private locker’s security measures to open the app after tapping the shortcuts.

Power Centre app
Another integral part of what makes the BlackBerry Key2 stands out is the Power Centre app. This app helps to manage your power settings to get the most battery life from your Key2. It gives suggestions on which apps can be adjusted to get more juice out of your battery.

BlackBerry Key2 Power Centre

The BlackBerry Key2 is certainly built for a specific group of users, people who like the convenience of a physical keyboard, those that are security conscious and want a battery that lasts longer. The BlackBerry Key2 is pushing the standards up as an Android device so that you can get the most out of your smartphone.

These three features are good selling points for the BlackBerry Key2. If you are in the market for a new smartphone, this phone is an enticing option to look at, especially, if you like a physical keyboard on your phone and battery life and security are essential to you.


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