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This entrepreneur from Toronto is keeping employees safe amid COVID-19

This entrepreneur from Toronto is keeping employees safe amid COVID-19 

Ariel Mashiyev, the owner of Toronto-based iLobby, is working to keep their employees safe through the use of automated screening tools amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Mashiyev recently had a realization to add this important feature in how they operate by adding innovative body temperature scanners, COVID-specific screening processes, and touchless technology to the system’s capabilities when the pandemic started.

Part of this innovation is the new iLobby FeverCheck™ which holds a high-precision, smart thermal camera that accurately scans for elevated body temperature – a common symptom of COVID-19 – within just seconds. If someone’s temperature is caught too high or did not pass initial screening questions, the system also protects individual privacy by sending an instant notification to the management or human resources team.

“I was challenged to turn the business around in 90 days, so that’s exactly what we did,” said Mashiyev. Within 36 months of restructuring the company and pivoting the product to focus on large global enterprises, iLobby has become a global leader in its space, he added.

Currently, as the need for these systems continue to surface, iLobby’s automated processes and smart technology provide a turnkey, low-cost solution to keep employees and visitors safe by managing the access point into facilities.

“As a result of COVID-19, every single business in the world is incurring higher costs as they figure out how to deal with employee safety,” said Mashiyev. 

“We were already innovating in this market before the pandemic and now, more than ever, we are ensuring our clients are protected during the pandemic,” he said. “There is a lot of uncertainty in workplaces for how to implement effective measures, and we are solving the entire process for them through automation.”

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