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The top smartwatch and Blackberry KeyOne sales moving faster than expect

The top smartwatch and Blackberry KeyOne sales moving faster than expect 

Show Notes:

The smartwatch craze is growing with Apple Watch leading the way as the top smartwatch last quarter. According to IDC, Apple Watch was the world’s most popular smartwatch by a significant margin last quarter, with an estimated 49.6 per cent market share.

IDC estimates Apple Watch shipments totaled 3.4 million units in the quarter, well ahead of runner-up Samsung’s estimated 800,000 smartwatches shipped. Garmin trailed in third place with an estimated 600,000 shipments.

“The transition towards more intelligent and feature-filled wearables is in full swing,” a senior research analyst for IDC said. “For years, rudimentary fitness trackers have acted as a gateway to smartwatches and now we’re at a point where brands and consumers are graduating to a more sophisticated device.”

That’s true, we are seeing an uptrend for smartwatches which have fitness capabilities and other apps functionalities together in one device, like the Apple Watch and Samsung Gear.

Fitbit Ionic

Fitbit announced recently their new smartwatch. It’s the Fitbit Ionic and its available for preorder at $300 US.

The Ionic looks like a cross between the Apple Watch and the Fitbit Blaze, with a rectangular LCD touch screen which makes it stand out from the many circular smartwatches on the market. The screen measures 1.2 by 0.85 inches, with a resolution of 348 by 250 pixels. It’s surrounded by a bezel, thicker at the bottom than at the sides or top, which gives a look of a square face.

The Ionic is compatible across mobile platforms so you can use it on Android and iOS.

The Ionic isn’t meant to be a standalone smartwatch. While you can get all your customary call, text, and app notifications, there’s no LTE connectivity for making calls or replying to texts without your phone nearby. You also need your phone for the initial setup, syncing data, customizing clock faces, and tweaking your preferences.

A single charge is estimated to last four days, or up to 10 hours while using GPS. That’s outstanding for a smartwatch—most only last for two days max.

The Ionic is an exercise companion and wellness monitor.


Blackberry’s latest smartphone, the KeyOne is selling faster than expected. This has prompted TCL Communications, that’s the company that manufactures Blackberry handsets to introduce the Blackberry KeyOne Black Edition. The KeyOne is an Android-powered smartphone that comes with an excellent keyboard and some unique BlackBerry customization.

It is reported that as soon as the KeyOne hits new markets, like for example in China, it often sold out in a matter of hours after launch.

The new KeyOne Black Edition comes with beefed-up specs, featuring 4GB of RAM and 64GB of storage, up from 3GB RAM and 32GB of storage. Other specs remain the same: a Snapdragon 625 processor, 4.5-inch 1080p screen, 12MP rear camera, 8MP front camera, and 3,505mAh battery. Battery life is great. It will be available in Canada $799.


SanDisk has announced a new 400GB MicroSD card that now claims the title of the world’s largest storage capacity for a MicroSD card. This beats Samsung’s 256GB card from last year. The SanDisk 400GB card can transfer files at up to 100MB/s, is classified as a SDXC UHS-I card, and is rated as an App Performance Class A1 device (i.e., it’ll run apps well).

As is always the case with these ultra-high storage products, there is a catch — you can get one at the hefty price tag of $250.00.

A bug in Instagram that allowed criminals to steal the private information of celebrities has come to light just days after hackers took over the account of Selena Gomez to post nude pictures of Justin Bieber.

Instagram admitted that the bug within its application programming interface (API) allowed at least one person to gain access to the private email addresses and phone numbers of high-profile users.

Instagram said that it was contacting all its “verified” account holders, which are mainly celebrities and sportspeople.

The exposure of the private details of celebrities comes just days after the most popular person on the service, Gomez, who has 125 million followers, had her account compromised on Monday. Hackers posted several nude photos of her ex-boyfriend Bieber, leading to the account being suspended by Instagram.

Gomez regained control of her account and scrubbed the feed of the nude images.

And finally, it now official, Apple has set Sept. 12 for its most significant new product announcement in years. The event will be the first at its new Apple Park campus and will take place in a theatre named for company co-founder Steve Jobs. So mark your calendar for Sept 12 at 1 PM Eastern Standard Time to hear the latest from Apple.


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