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The top 11 tech skills that could get you hired in Toronto

The top 11 tech skills that could get you hired in Toronto 

The survey report titled Economic Graph Initiatives is already being used by NPower Canada an organization that provides IT training for the youth, to update its curriculum and Seneca College has begun short-term courses based on the findings.


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With projections from the Information and Communications Technology Council (ICTC) estimating that over 50,000 tech jobs will need to be hired for by 2019 and with 16 per cent of LinkedIn profiles in the region reporting they have technology skills, the research focused on understanding the Toronto region’s tech sector, what tech skills the region has and what it should develop.

The survey found that the following 11 skills were the top tech skills of most people recently hired for tech jobs in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA):

  1. Mobile development
  2. Game development
  3. Perl/Python/Ruby
  4. User Interface Design
  5. Computer Graphics & animation
  6. Algorithm design
  7. C/C++
  8. Web programming
  9. Java development
  10. Microsoft Application Development
  11. Database management & software

Other key findings were:

  • Of the 1.9 million members in the GTA, 11 per cent or 214,000 are sharing that they have tech skills.
  • Toronto’s proportion of tech skilled members compares favorably to similar cities around the world (#5 after the San Francisco Bay Area, Greater Seattle, Sydney, and Stockholm).
  • The majority of tech-skilled people are in companies that aren’t in the technology sector (only 31 per cent of tech-skilled people are in companies in the technology sector).
  • Tech skills are especially prominent among those who were recently hired in early-career roles: 1 in 4 who started a new early-career role in the last year had tech skills, and almost three-quarters (73 per cent) of these individuals found work outside the technology sector.
  • Compared to other cities around the world, the Toronto region has relatively high hiring rates in early career roles for individuals who have top tech skills. There are many opportunities for those starting their careers. Almost 11,000 companies currently have employees with tech skills in early-career roles.

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