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The third platform and EMC’s million dollar promise

The third platform and EMC’s million dollar promise 

Jeremy Burton, president, Products and Marketing, EMC, used a minor traffic accident he experienced as an example of how business has changed over the past decade. After being t-boned by another driver in a parking lot, he was able to take a picture with his mobile phone and upload it to social media, use his Uber app to call a driver to come pick him up, file a claim with his insurance company, then track the progress of that claim through his company’s mobile app – all from the scene of the accident or from the comfort of the car that came to pick him up.

“This epitomizes the third platform – delivering these kinds of services to the customer,” he said.

The third platform will challenge organizations in every industry to redefine their infrastructure and their business strategy, but the company affirmed its dedication to helping its customers make the shift as painlessly as possible.

“Businesses need to be able to manage more than one platform at once,” said David Goulden, CEO, EMC II. “Some are still in the first or second platforms. It’s not about creating a silo for the third platform that’s separate from the second platform; they’re different, but you want to bridge the gap. Third platform apps need to be able to access second platform data.”

EMC foresees that all-flash infrastructure will be the future, although by industry estimates, flash will only comprise less than three per cent of enterprise storage by 2017. The reality is that most of the capacity of the next few years will remain with hard drive technology. Nevertheless, EMC is working hard to change this reality, especially with its acquisition of DSSD.

“The key thing about an all-flash array is that you get consistent, predictable performance. This is what you get from XtremIO,” said Goulden in his keynote. “Our all-flash products are always on; we guarantee it. In fact, we are guaranteeing $1 million to the first customer that can get XtremIO to turn off or throttle back.”

Goulden also offered a trade-in deal to those customers that have already purchased flash storage from an EMC competitor.

Ultimately, much of the focus of the event was on the software-defined data centre and how businesses will start to move toward this type of environment, whether voluntarily or not.

In his keynote address, Joe Tucci, CEO, EMC, predicted that mobility, social networking, big data, and the cloud will “cause the rise of the software-defined enterprise. Every company, every enterprise, has to become more software defined; either they’ll use it properly as an offensive weapon, or they will diminish, or potentially perish.”

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