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The secret algorithms of bees

The secret algorithms of bees 

The answer is yes, and they already are.

Routific, a smart logistics platform, works to optimize routes for last-mile delivery fleets. The most direct and efficient routes can save businesses up to 40 per cent on time and fuel. Their teachers? Honeybees.

20160817 C1518 PHOTO EN 753161“We’re leveraging the age-old wisdom of honey bees in order to help delivery businesses work smarter and more efficiently,” said Routific Founder and CEO Marc Kuo. “Bees are some of the hardest working creatures on the planet, and they’re amazing team players. I can’t think of better inspiration for our team at Routific.”

The “Bees Algorithm”, developed by Routific engineers, is an experiment in computer science that parallels the food foraging behaviour of bees. In order to collect pollen and nectar from scattered flower patches, “scout” bees have to evaluate the quickest routes from patch to patch.

For Routific, the result is a proprietary solution that leverages fast-performing heuristics. For businesses, the result is a reduction of their costs, time and carbon footprint.

To give back to the pollinators, Routific is working with Vancouver’s Hives for Humanity, a non-profit that works to support the area’s at-risk populations. 

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