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The recipe for tech leadership: survey

The recipe for tech leadership: survey 

The survey comes from Robert Half Technology, a Toronto-based company with 120 locations worldwide.

When asked to choose which characteristic is most valuable in a tech leader, responses varied:

Trusts their employees and empowers them to make important decisions


Acts with honesty and integrity


Establishes a vision, is confident and believes they can make a difference


Radiates a positive attitude and inspires their employees


Innovates and pushes the envelope creatively




“Technology professionals need the freedom to be able to explore new ways of solving complex IT challenges, which is what great managers empower their teams to do,” said Deborah Bottineau, senior regional manager of Robert Half Technology. “Leaders who cultivate an open and creative work culture demonstrate that they trust their employees and share their vision for innovative business growth.”

Respondents also polled in on what this leadership looks like in practice. The most admired tech trailblazers are as follows:

1. Bill Gates

2. Steve Jobs

3. Jeff Bezos

They’re certainly big shoes to fill – but with expectations set out clearly before them, IT leaders can attempt to create their own recipes for success. 

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