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The new iPhones, attack through Bluetooth and a contraceptive app

The new iPhones, attack through Bluetooth and a contraceptive app 

Show Notes:

For the past year, the big media players have been churning out articles which were mere rumors about the next iPhone. Now, the next iPhone is here.           

Firstly, I must say that I am truly disappointed.

The iPhone 8 and 8 Plus are just an updated version of the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus.

Bluetooth attack

Not sure if you’ve heard about the BlueBorne attack, this is done through Bluetooth-enabled devices, including computers and IoT gadgets.

BlueBorne was discovered by security company Armis, the BlueBorne threat is a collection of eight exploits that can be used immediately against no less than 5.3 billion devices. That’s well above the number of Android devices and it includes everything that comes with Bluetooth connectivity.

As soon as hackers find a target, the exploits can force it to give over data stored on it, including sensitive information like keys and passwords.

Natural Cycles

A contraceptive app called Natural Cycles has proven to be more effective than the pill, according to the latest study of the app. After testing 22,000 women the company found the app provided 99 per cent contraceptive effectiveness if used perfectly. If used “typically”, the app was 93 per cent effective. The contraceptive pill, meanwhile, is 91 per cent effective.

Natural Cycles was the first app to be approved as a form of contraception in the EU, and the company is working to get a worldwide certification. Getting FDA approval for use in the US would be a significant milestone and of course here in Canada as well.


Spotify has introduced an iMessage application in its latest update this week for iPhone users. Spotify in Apple’s Messages app allows you to search the entire music streaming service for a specific song and send it to a friend. When they receive it, they’ll be able to listen to a 30-second clip, and then tap a button to jump into Spotify to check out the whole track.

Tesla hasn’t forgotten about its electric semi-truck. This was originally slated for a September launch but Elon Musk just announced that the truck will finally be revealed on Oct. 26. Musk tweeted that it’s worth seeing this beast in person. It’s unreal.

And finally, researchers from Check Point, a security company, said Thursday that they discovered 50 apps hiding malware on the Google Play Store. The malware was downloaded between 1 million and 4.2 million times before the affected apps were removed, said Check Point.

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